Shadow Access Risk Assessment

Do you want to find Shadow Access in your cloud? Shadow Access can lead to data breaches if not addressed immediately. Here is your opportunity to find and fix the unauthorized, unmonitored, and invisible access.

Discover the true number of identities in your cloud environment and see the data exfiltration risks associated with them.

In 60 minutes you will know:

  • Which identities have excessive/privileged access
  • Identify and remove long-standing privileges
  • Policies with excessive/privileged access
  • Roles providing cross-account access

You will also receive a prioritized list of cloud breach access pathways, ranked by Stack Identity’s patent-pending Breach Prediction Index (BPI) score.

Complimentary offer available for 2 consecutive weeks, one time only.

The Shadow Access Impact Report highlights how cloud growth generates dynamically changing identities and access that impact security, compliance and governance.