Database Access Monitoring (DAM)

Stack Identity’s DAM offering is engineered to continuously monitor, track and analyze access to databases in near real-time, ensuring integrity, confidentiality and security of valuable data.

1. Visibility into Entitlements at Database, Table, Column Level

DAM offering offers comprehensive visibility into access entitlements across various levels within your databases. It provides detailed insights into permissions and access rights, allowing you to precisely define and manage access at the database, table and even column levels.

2. Monitoring of Actual Access

Gain a clear understanding of user activities within your databases. DAM offering actively monitors and records actions performed by users, providing an audit trail of who accessed the database and in what way.

3. Notifications and Alerts on Anomalous Activity

Proactively identify and respond to potentially malicious or anomalous activities within your database environment. DAM offering employs sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms to generate real-time alerts and notifications for any suspicious or unauthorized actions.

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