Stack Identity Launches Identity Risk Management Platform on AWS Marketplace to Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Nov 7, 2023

  • Provides customers with direct access to procure the industry’s leading identity security solution that automates manual and siloed processes to continuously detect, eliminate and govern the 10 types of Shadow Access
  • Stack Identity’s single converged solution integrates and unifies CIEM, Cloud IGA and ITDR and visualizes a consolidated view of threats via a live data attack map, eliminating the need for multiple tools, dashboards and silos of access and policy governance
  • Optimizes SecOps, DevOps, IAM and Compliance team resources with a prioritized list of hidden Shadow Access patterns and evaluates cloud environments for compliance violations to regulations such as HIPAA, SOC2, AWS-FTR, AWS-CISA, PCI-DSS, SEBI and FedRamp

MENLO PARK, Calif. November 08, 2023-Stack Identity, a Silicon Valley-based company pioneering an identity security platform that champions a unified, consolidated and automated strategy to tackle Shadow Access, today announced its comprehensive identity access risk management platform is now available to purchase through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Shadow Access — or unauthorized, invisible, unmonitored and unintended access — has quickly become one of the most pressing security challenges for organizations safeguarding valuable data in the cloud. As stated by the Cloud Security Alliance, “The consequences of Shadow Access are potentially catastrophic and threaten to impact any organization that has an evolving cloud.”

As ChatGPT and other AI-driven applications continue to surge, access to enterprise data is expanding significantly in tandem, making it extremely difficult for organizations to keep track of entitlements and privileges granted to both human and non-human entities and increasing the likelihood of falling victim to a cyberattack.

The rising threat of Shadow Access and the rapid advancement of cyberattacks leave organizations with little time to waste when finding the right identity risk management solutions to safeguard their data.

Stack Identity’s platform is a converged identity security solution that reveals and continuously detects, eliminates and governs 100% of Shadow Access risks in the cloud. The industry-leading solution is a next generation CIEM, that unifies cloud identity and entitlement management, Cloud IGA and ITDR to provide a prioritized list of hidden Shadow Access patterns, which enable attackers to infiltrate cloud environments and exfiltrate data, and create compliance violations to regulations such as HIPAA, SOC2, AWS-FTR, AWS-CISA, PCI-DSS SEBI and FedRamp.

“We’ve seen the growing demand from our customers asking to make our platform available through AWS Marketplace, and we listened to their needs,” said Venkat Raghavan, founder and CEO of Stack Identity. “Stack Identity’s availability on AWS Marketplace will make it easier and more cost-efficient than ever for customers and prospects to access our platform’s leading identity risk management capabilities.”

According to a survey by Forrester and AWS, 33% of organizations prefer to use cloud marketplaces when purchasing cloud software, with AWS noted in particular due to its trusted reputation and simplicity of the buying process. And the growing preference for purchasing through cloud marketplaces is only projected to increase with time.

Since many early-stage vendors, such as Stack Identity, are not yet on pre-approved vendor lists, the procurement process can often be lengthy, cumbersome and expensive for both parties. With Stack Identity’s availability on AWS Marketplace, customers and prospects can now enjoy a simplified and accelerated buying process, saving valuable time for buyers everywhere.

“Stack Identity’s availability on AWS Marketplace makes vendor qualification easy, greatly simplifying the procurement and adoption processes,” said Steve De Jong, distinguished engineer at Vercara. “Stack Identity’s platform provides essential visibility into our data exposure risks and helps us address the cornerstone problem — automatically eliminating Shadow Access across our large AWS ecosystem.”

Organizations seeking advanced risk management capabilities can now enjoy the benefits of Stack Identity’s solution on AWS Marketplace. New or existing Stack Identity customers interested in using the fully featured identity risk management platform on AWS can contact Stack Identity directly or through their AWS Marketplace listing.

About Stack Identity

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stack Identity is an identity security platform that brings a unified, consolidated, and automated approach to continuously detect, eliminate and govern Shadow Access. Through its patent-pending algorithm Breach Prediction Index (BPI), Stack identity reveals the ten different types of Shadow Access patterns that expose sensitive customer data, create audit and compliance violations, and break policies and governance. The platform delivers risk and impact-driven prioritization, empowering operations and security teams to automate remediation. Stack Identity is backed by WestWave Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures. Visit us at, and follow us on LinkedIn.