Stack Identity Announces Official Formation of Advisory Board, Appoints Multiple Cybersecurity Leaders to Solve Shadow Access Problem

Sep 19, 2023

  • Former Crowdstrike chief product officer, Amol Kulkarni, and former Accurics CEO and serial entrepreneur, Sachin Aggarwal, join as newest members
  • The team of cyber security technologists and business advisors with unparalleled experience will work to deliver a total solution approach to address Shadow Access to benefit customers and partners
  • Stack Identity’s unique approach uses advanced heuristics to reveal hidden identity access management blind spots in the cloud

MENLO PARK, Calif.–September 19, 2023-Stack Identity, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and pioneering an identity security platform that champions a unified, consolidated and automated strategy to tackle Shadow Access—an unequivocal cornerstone challenge in Identity Security, today announced the formation of their advisory board and the appointment of new members to lead company innovations to fight against shadow access in the cloud.

The diverse group of world-class advisors comprised of security experts, business leaders and executives will collaborate with Stack Identity to address the growing problem of unauthorized, invisible, unmonitored and unintended access risks to the cloud. New board members include:

  • Amol Kulkarni: A renowned leader in the cyber security industry, Kulkarni is the former chief product and engineering officer at CrowdStrike and was responsible for the knowledge platform in Bing as a senior engineer at Microsoft. He brings extensive experience with developing enterprise security products and has robust knowledge of cloud identities.
  • Sachin Aggarwal: A serial entrepreneur with a long track record of introducing new technology, Aggarwal founded and served as CEO of Accurics before it was acquired by Tenable.

“As cloud innovation accelerates, businesses are liberally sharing data residing in cloud platforms with applications, cloud services, third parties and AI entities, all equipped with permissions and entitlements,” Kulkarni said. “This surge in digital activity has led to an explosion of identities and entitlements, giving rise to the pressing issue of Shadow Access. Stack Identity is at the forefront of addressing this challenge, providing customers with centralized visibility, visualization and governance of IAM risks across their cloud ecosystem, enabling them to safely and securely accelerate their cloud growth.”

“The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly due to the surge in data-sharing practices as businesses harness data’s potential for driving growth,” Aggarwal said. “Today, we witness the exchange of zettabytes of data with cloud services, APIs, SaaS and AI, thereby exposing valuable data to potential risks. Simultaneously, the market is vocal about its exhaustion with siloed and fragmented solutions that only burden overworked security teams. Stack Identity is responding to these market trends by offering a unified, identity-centric and automated approach. Our aim is to assist customers in securing, safeguarding and governing their most prized assets.”

With the additions of Kulkarni and Aggarwal, the other esteemed members of the advisory board include:

  • Steve Schoenfeld: Board advisor, former SVP of products of Imperva, Blue Coat and Symantec

  • Heather Hinton: CISO of Pager Duty, former CISO of RingCentral and former vice president, distinguished engineer and CISO of IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Al Ghous: Experienced CISO, venture advisor and co-founder of SVCI (Silicon Valley CISO Investments)
  • Shinesa Cambric: Board member, entrepreneur and principal product manager at Microsoft
  • Sonal Puri: Board member and advisor, entrepreneur, former CEO and vice president of global business operations at Checkpoint
  • Kenneth Foster: VP of IT governance, risk and compliance at FLEETCOR

“We are extremely grateful to our esteemed panel of advisors who bring a wealth of business, enterprise, security, industry and startup expertise to guide our leadership. Their collective expertise serves as a guiding light for our leadership,” says Venkat Raghavan, founder and CEO of Stack Identity. “They share an unwavering commitment to addressing the critical issue of Shadow Access and recognize the transformative potential of Stack Identity to pioneer innovative solutions to this challenge.”

To run an assessment of Shadow Access vulnerabilities and find the IAM blindspots in your cloud environment, register here:

About Stack Identity

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stack Identity is an identity security platform that brings a unified, consolidated and automated approach to continuously detect, eliminate and govern Shadow Access. Through its patent-pending algorithm Breach Prediction Index (BPI), Stack identity reveals ten different types of Shadow Access patterns that expose sensitive customer data, creates audit and compliance violations and breaks policies and governance. The platform delivers risk and impact-driven prioritization empowering operations and security teams to automate remediation. Stack Identity is backed by WestWave Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures. Visit us at, and follow us on LinkedIn.