Do you REALLY know who, what, when, where, how, and why your cloud data is being accessed right now?

The Problem

Cloud data is continuously being exposed to possible exfiltration via thousands of human (manual) or machine (automated) based access controls and entitlements.

What is your current risk profile?

  • What human and non-human Identities exist in my cloud?
  • Who’s accessing my cloud data now?
  • In how many ways can my sensitive data be exfiltrated?
  • What has recently changed in my access controls?
  • How can I assess my recurring IAM data risks?

How We Help CISOs

Stack Identity continuously monitors vulnerable cloud data stores for identity risks that could be exploited for rogue access, data exfiltration or external data sharing. With a prioritized breach prediction index as a compass, we help you remediate risk by guiding SecOps teams to take definitive action and provide CISOs an honest view of cloud security risks.

  • Reveal vulnerable pathways to cloud data
  • Prioritized breach prediction showcased on a live data attack map
  • Help you remediate all types of access risks – human and API-based
  • Guides SecOps teams to take definitive action
  • Provide CISOs a continuous view of cloud data access security risks
Stack Identity empowers enterprise cloud security teams to quickly identify every data access pattern: who, what, when where and why there is data access and its impact on cloud data security.

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