Risk-Driven IAM Governance

Stack Identity delivers continuous risk-based governance by helping teams to take immediate actions on all identity and access events in your cloud environments that are unapproved, unauthorized or suspicious.

  • Connected context – find risk gaps by correlating identity, access, data and ticket approvals across all systems and consolidate a single source of truth for compliance/audit access reporting.
  • Instant access reviews – use just-in-time triggers for authorization of access, access reviews for identity, role, permission, and admin changes and drifts.
  • High-value data access reviews – automate and prioritize access reviews for sensitive datasets, third-party access, over-permission access, and policy violations.
  • Right-size policies – generate policies for remediation, least privileged and rightsized access.

Extend Further: Extend risk-based governance to data stores, risky identities, risky policies, risky software and security vulnerabilities.